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Terms of Laminate flooring installation and care instructions

Terms of Laminate flooring installation and care instructions
  • Laminate flooring is installed as the last stage after the completion of the decoration works, including paints, wallpaper, or other construction works (electricity, plumbing, lighting, gypsum ... etc.)
  • In the event that there are water pipes or air conditioning inside the walls, the customer must inform the installation technician of this before installation
  • It should be taken into account that the floor should be flat, whether it is ceramic, marble or tiles, and the installation should not be carried out on uneven ground
  • The height of the doors must be 1.5 to 2 cm above the ground, otherwise the doors will be loosened and left and the installation team will not return them
  • In the event that there is furniture at the site to be installed, the customer must take it out before the installation date, and the installation team does not move, take out or return the furniture
  • The customer must notify the company at least 48 hours in advance in the event of a desire to amend the installation date, and the company in this case determines another date according to its discretion according to the available schedule
  • In the event that the customer does not respond to the call an hour before the agreed upon installation date, the appointment will be canceled and a new appointment will be set
  • The customer must verify that they have received the correct color and quantity as on the invoice before commencing on-site installation
  • After installation, weights are sometimes placed on the insoles and joints to fix them. It is preferable not to remove them before 24 hours.
  • A marble threshold must be installed at bathroom doors and entrances to prevent water leakage from them
  • It is recommended to place a mat at the doors to prevent dust and dirt from entering
  • It is recommended after pulling heavy or sharp objects on the parquet to prevent scratching
  • The cleaning method for parquet is to clean it from dust first, and then wipe it with a cloth after squeezing it


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